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Some details to know before you inquire:

Where do you setup?

For Mini Sessions, we setup at a few local area parks. Samson Park, Trinity Park, Casino Beach, and 4D Farms. 

Can I have the Vintage Truck at a different location for mini sessions?

Yes, but mileage may be charged, depending on location and date.

Can I rent it for a day?


Can I rent it for a half day


Do you have other vehicles?

Not yet. 

Can I attach posters, signs, etc. to the truck?

Yes, so long as it will not damage the paint or truck. 

Can I drive it?

No, sorry. 

Does it run?

Yes, it is a working truck and I drive it to the sessions.

Do I need general liability insurance to rent it?

Yes. If something were to happen to a client while in or around the truck, your general liability insurance would protect you and me. 

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